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T Shirt Pattern Tutorial

This easy to sew T-shirt has a straight fit with a classic round neckline. The T-shirt will look good with jeans as well as skirts and shorts.

Skip to the following parts of the video;

00:00 Introduction
01:59 (a)-(b) Shoulder Seams
05:09 (c)-(g) Preparing and attaching neckband
12:13 (h) Side seams
14:25 (i)-(k) Hemming sleeves
18:27 (l-m) Inserting sleeve
22:51 (n) Hemming T shirt

Suggested fabrics 

Fabrics with a knit weave and a stretch of about 25% such as jersey


Materials Needed 

1.5m fabric (60” wide)
Coordinating thread

Length (Center Front)
X Large
123cm / 48”
70cm / 28”
115cm / 45”
68cm / 27”
108cm / 42”
66cm / 26”
100cm / 39”
64cm / 25”
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