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Summer Shirt Pattern Tutorial

This summer shirt is easier than you think to make. A loose fitting shirt with a button up front and a breast pocket. Why not fill your wardrobe with a variety from different fabrics. The shirt has a loose boxy fit with short sleeves and a straight hem.

Skip to the following parts of the video;

00:00 Introduction
00:58 (a) Center Front pieces
06:06 (b)-(c) Pocket
09:05 (e) Back pleat
10:56 (f)-(h) Yoke
14:52 (i)-(j) Rolling up
19:29 (k)-(n) Collar
26:08 (o)-(p) Attaching collar to shirt
28:22 (q) Side Seams
29:22 (r)-(t) Sleeves
33:58 (u)-(v) Inserting sleeves
37:27 (w) Hem
40:28 Buttonholes
45:37 Buttons

Suggested fabrics 

Cotton, cotton blends, linen


Materials Needed 

2m fabric (60” wide)
Two 3cm x 70cm strips of light-weight fusible interfacing
One 10cm x 42cm piece of light-weight fusible interfacing for the collar
6 ½”/12mm buttons
Coordinating thread

Length (Center Front)
XX Large
138cm / 52”
76cm / 30”
X Large
132cm / 52”
75cm / 29.5”
128cm / 50”
74cm / 29.1”
123cm / 48”
73cm / 28.7”
118cm / 46”
72cm / 28.3”
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