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Threading a front loader

This tutorial will teach you how to thread a sewing machine with a front loaded bobbin


Part A - Inserting the bobbin

1. Raise the presser foot

2. Turn hand wheel towards you until needle is at it's highest position

3. Open the cover

4. Hold the bobbin case with one hand. Insert the bobbin so that the thread runs in a clockwise direction.

5. Pull the thread through the slit and under the finger

6. Hold the bobbin case by the hinged latch

7. Insert it into the shuttle


Part B - Threading upper half of machine

1. Place thread spool onto the spool pin

2. Slide spool pin holder over top of spool

3. Wrap the thread around the thread guide

4. Follow the arrows and pull thread down

5. Wrap thread around the take-up lever

6. Thread the needle


Part C - Raising the thread

1. Hold needle thread

2. Turn hand wheel towards you, lowering, then raising needle

3. Gently pull needle thread to raise bobbin

4. Pull both threads back

5. Machine is ready to use

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